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   Comfort Features

We, at Three Rivers Dental Care, are dedicated to make your dental visit with us as comfortable and low stress as possible. That philosophy starts with the warm, friendly smiles of our staff, to the cozy waiting room complete with warm cookies and coffee, to the many special features we utilize to keep our patients comfortable during their treatment. Continue reading for a description of some of these services.

Waiting Room

You'll be pleasantly surprised when you enter our office. We feature a warm, inviting atmosphere where you can relax prior to your appointment. We offer a warm fireplace to warm you in winter and cozy, bright furniture to enhance your comfort. There is a computer with internet accessibility to quickly check your e-mail and over 15 different periodicals to read during your wait. We have books on our shelves that you are welcome to check out. Best of all, we feature a refreshment bar, where you can get coffee or tea, bottled water and cookies.

Waiting Room
Waiting Room

Nitrous OxideNitrous Oxide

Each of our four treatment rooms are equipped with nitrous oxide. Nitrous is an odorless gas that, when breathed through a nose mask, makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. Many patients have found nitrous to be very beneficial in making their dental appointments be a positive experience. By breathing 100% oxygen at the end of your appointment, all the effects are eliminated so you are able to drive home.


We utilize topical anesthetics which allow your gum tissues to get numbed prior to receiving any injections. We also utilize a wide variety of different anesthetic agents to ensure that every one of our patients reach a complete level of numbness prior to treatment. You can feel confident that we will not do any work unless you feel completely comfortable.

Anti-Anxiety Medication

For those patients that need a little more assistance reaching a calm, relaxed state, we can prescribe oral medications which result in greater anxiety control. These medications have proven to be extremely safe and can help a patient become so relaxed that they will almost fall asleep during their appointment! Ask us for more details regarding this service.

Pillow and BlanketsHeadphones

We want to make sure that during your treatment you are as comfortable as possible laying in our chairs. We offer pillows for your neck, back and knees. We encourage you to use these, especially for longer appointments. We also have warm, fleece blankets for those colder Minnesota days.


Tune out those unpleasant dental sounds with our comfortable noise-canceling headphones which you can hook up to our AM/FM radio or to your I-Pod. We also have a CD player and a selection of CDs for your listening enjoyment. This is especially suited for our younger patients.

Flat Screen MonitorsDVD Players

Each treatment room features flat screen monitors which allow you to view our scenic national park CDs or a DVD of your choice. You may also choose to watch TV programming or view your x-rays. Whatever you select, our goal is to keep you as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Chair MassagerMassage and Heated Dental Chair

For those who want the ultimate comfort during their dental procedures, try out our new heated and massage dental chair. There are four massage settings to choose from. Many patients find that it is hard to stay awake while sitting in this chair!

Warm Towels

Complete your visit by using a warm, scented towel to revitalize your face and rinsing with a mint mouthrinse.

Spa Features

We have added several spa features to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Try our hand paraffin wax and warm hand mitts or our warm neck wraps. We have cocoa butter and chapstick for your lips. Don't hesitate to kick your shoes off. Let us know what helps you to make your visit comfortable!